Ty'Lamer Closet Making, Vintage - Modern, Sexy - Classy & Bold - Beautiful

How does one sum up the journeys that lead my hands down an amazing path to sewing and designing?

    I can start by saying I had allot of help along the way. I truly believe that God does everything for a reason and when you find yourself giving up on your passions and dreams to pursue other ventures. God has a way of making you whole again and bringing back to your true talents and passions. I discovered my love for the arts as a young girl; I became an amazing artist and poetry writer. One day while shopping with my mother, I purchased a needle and thread kit and I began sewing and mending everything I could get my hands on. But I quickly put away my passions as I approached adulthood. After the birth of my daughter and marrying young, I found myself taking on the corporate world at a young age. 

   I worked in many areas from Legal, Telecommunication and Accounting but my favorite was the healthcare field. I always managed to find joy in caring for the sick and shut-in. Two years before the birth of my son Ty, I begun working on my Bachelors in Biology, while working full-time at a CPA firm. With a full load on my shoulders I still manage to find a few hours a week to enjoy some crafts with my favorite two ladies Judy H. and Robyn C. Little did these two know that they had set off a sewing explosion and my business journey begun. The name Ty’Lamer was created utilizing the names of my favorite two people, my son Ty and my daughter Lameria. It’s the Ty’Lamer brand to embrace all sizes and my hard work ethics keeps me challenging myself with every item I create.

 I’m proud to say that every Ty’Lamer item has been handmade and kissed by my sewing machine.